Research Committee


Research Committee


  • To make the process of creating research proposals more efficient.
  • To organize several degrees of research activity.
  • To provide guidance for the expansion and improvement of faculty and student research initiatives.
  • To make grant writing easier and help locate funding sources.
  • To start faculty and student training programs pertaining to academic activities related to research.


  • To provide guidance on the fields and focus areas for the introduction of research programs and associated initiatives for the advancement of research in the future.
  • To instil a passion for research and innovation among faculty members.
  • To offer direction and policy guidelines for the expansion and advancement of research activities.
  • To make recommendations for how to upgrade the current infrastructure supporting sponsored and academic research as well as the atmosphere surrounding it.
  • To suggest initiatives that seek grants or financing from different organizations.
  • To form research and development partnerships with other universities, the public sector, and the corporate sector.
  • To offer guidance on the numerous developments in the fields of science and bioethics.