Alumni Committee


Alumni Committee


  • To promote interaction amongst and to serve as a link between the members of the MBCN Alumni Association and their alma mater, MBCN Klm.
  • To organize welfare services for its members. MBCN students and humanity at large.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and continued Medical education scissors and meetings for the purpose of promotion of nursing students fraternity in the premises of MBCN
  • To represent and participate in the conferences, Seminar curricular activities organized by MBCN


  • Mentoring current student: Alumni can provide guidance, advice and support to current nursing students as they navigate their academic and professional Journeys.
  • Networking: Alumni can help facilitate connections and networking opportunities for current students and fellow graduates in the nursing field.
  • Fundraising: Alumni may participate in fundraising efforts to support scholarships, research initiatives, and other programs within the nursing college.
  • Continuing education: Alumni can engage in lifelong learning opportunities and professional development to stay current in the field of nursing.
  • Advocacy: Alumni may advocate for the nursing profession, healthcare policies, and issues affecting the nursing community.