Internal Complaint Committee


Internal Complaint Committee

As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court, an internal complaints committee (Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee) has been established by the college to provide a healthy atmosphere to the student and employee of our college. The Anti-Sexual Harassment cell deals with issues relating to sexual harassment. Internal complaints committee assures that all the students, teaching and non- teaching staffs are treated with dignity and respect and their complaints if any shall be addressed in a fair manner and confidentiality maintained throughout.


  • To receive complaints related to sexual harassments experienced by students or employees, conduct inquiries and recommend appropriate actions to be taken by the University.
  • To conduct educational activities for the various categories of employees and students of the constituent institutions to promote gender equality and gender equity.
  • To create gender sensitization among all categories of employees and students through posters, stickers and other audio visual media.


  • To organize several programmes to enhance the confidence level of students for their empowerment in the society.
  • To pay special attention on Safety and Security
  • To provide a working¬†I¬†living harassment free atmosphere by identifying and fixing responsibility on concerned persons for ensuring equal treatment of and participation by women in all areas.
  • To create awareness about students and employees welfare laws and counselling
  • To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development
  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of students, teaching and non- teaching staff of the College