Grievance Redressal Committee


Grievance Redressal Committee


Grievance redressal aims to address and resolve complaints or issues by individuals or groups.


  • Providing a platform for individuals to voice their concerns, investigating complaints thoroughly, and taking appropriate actions to resolve the grievances in a fair and timely manner
  • The ultimate goal is to ensure that grievances and addressed effectively and that individuals feel heard and supported.
  • To attend the applications of the students relating to grievances from the portal available on the website of College / Institute and process them further.
  • To hear the students in person by giving opportunities of hearing.
  • To hear all the concerned parties and settle grievances at the earliest.
  • To counsel the students whenever necessary to resolve their grievances.
  • To counsel the students through proper correspondence.
  • It shall make efforts to settle the disputes amicably.
  • To prepare and submit the recommendations relating to the redressal of grievances to the concerned.